“What would you like to hear?”

Greystone Zurich specializes in recording, mixing, mastering, and restoration.

My obsession with sound started early and I began playing drums at elementary school at age 10. At night I slept next to one speaker in our living room with the volume turned down, unable to understand why it sounded different in the other speaker just a few feet away. I bought my first tape machine when I was practicing jazz percussion in college and added a Groovebox to the mix and began collecting various other instruments and trying to figure out why they sounded the way they did. Over the years I continually recorded and upgraded as I went, trading or selling one piece for another and trying to wrap my head around the art of audio engineering. A few times I scrapped the idea altogether only to find myself pining over the application of new techniques and routes. Over the years I played in dozens of bands, toured, and licensed a little through publishing companies, but kept a room just for music wherever I lived and continued to learn and re-approach audio until the skillsets emerged. If I wasn’t soldering modulars with loads of caffeine I was trying to force instruments to do strange things or mangle field-samples or whatever it took to achieve the sounds I was after. Did I ever get there? That’s a tough question. I learn new things every week about the ways sound works in different spaces on different mics with different levels of processing. One thing is certain: I’ve been unable to give up what my parents called “his little hobby” and still run a solid project studio that produces favorable results. I embrace the idea of “ears before gear” and that the best technology in the room is between those ears when it comes to making inspired decisions.

I’m currently running on an M1 Mac and work in Ableton 11.1 with Waves, and a host of other plugins that have stood the test of time. My ADC is Audient with Burr-Brown convertors and I run two in a series; one for ins and line level to a preamp and the other as my out. The preamp is a modded Art Pro MPA II with Genalex tubes and I mix with Yamaha HS5, Sony MDR-7506, and one Avantone Mixcube for mid-range mono-only reference.

My mixes and personal projects have been used in film, commercials, 3D mapping projects, and live sets. I currently license through Suisa in Zurich, Switzerland and can assist you in getting through the publishing process as well.

Feel free to contact, set up a free consultation and discuss your project and we can work out the details.