AZT 2021 – Gear List

Jan 17th – Some updates:

We did our shakedown last night and while we are nowhere near ultralight we both shaved off massive amounts of weight from where we were on the PCT. I guess it falls in the “Lightweight” category but all I know is that when I slung on the pack I let out a big sigh of relief. I tried to upgrade a few key items that were weighing me down before and looked at the reality of each. Honestly, there was stuff in my Ole Orange Osprey that had no business in there and I rarely, if ever used. You don’t know what you don’t know on your first thru. The big guy again this time was the Deuter pack. Nowhere near UL but there’s got to be a compromise between ergonomics and weight. I truly don’t understand the point of jamming everything into a pack that has guy line for shoulder straps so you can get your base weight down. The ultimate importance of base weight is relative anyway because the real weight you carry varies with the length and conditions of each separate stretch and resupply. Of course you want to minimize useless gear and buy tactical, light stuff but that’s not going to say much about your willingness to walk. I’ve read a lot of Halfway Anywhere’s stats on completion rates and reasons people bail and I’ve never seen anything that correlates gear with a successful journey. Thru hikes bring out all kinds of characters but even seasoned dirtbags learn from new trails. We evaluated items for multiple reasons and weight was one of those. This being said, we’ll stay well below 20 lbs which is good stuff!


Pack: Deuter ACT Lite 65 Not exactly UL but pretty light, xlnt ergonomics, super-solid design, good comfort-to-weight ratio, numerous storage options and accessibility IMO +++ This is one thing where I can spare a few ounces to avoid the pain and nerve issues that pop up in the first few weeks.

(PCT: 85+ Osprey Escalante…yeah.)

Bag: Western Mountaineering Versalite (It matches the pack…yay.)

(PCT: North Face Snow Leopard…I was the only one toasty in March, but as a synthetic, it was impossible to stuff.)

Tent: Hilleberg Niak (Split between Hanne and I)

(Same on PCT)

Pad: ThermaRest Neoair XLite

(PCT: Klymit Static V)


Leki Journey Lite


Shoes: Kahana 8 Gel again, after much back and forth. I really thought I could upgrade but after hunting for ages I’m sticking with what works. I had zero complaints about the last ones. On the PCT I wore two pairs of after walking about 700 miles on cardboard soles. I remember the moment I stepped into them at the Tehachapi Big 5-just made for my foot shape. Good width, zero blisters, rugged and supportive enough. Happiness.

Down Jacket: REI Co-op. It’s pretty stuffable and light so I went with it. I know there’s some temps even on the AZT but it seems pretty solid. Will make a great pillow too.

Patagonia UL Windbreaker (Bulletproof! Did they stop making these?)

Rain Jacket: Black Diamond Stormline Rain Shell

Base Layers: Odlo Performance Light

Stocking cap

-Gloves: Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor

Convertible pants x 2

Socks: Darn Tough x 2

Night Socks: Smartwool

T-shirt x 2

Boxer Brief x 2


Cheap sunglasses (which I will lose)

Disposable rain poncho



Stove: Snowpeak Litemax

Pot: MSR Titanium (storage and used as drinking cup)

Knife: Swiss Army w/ Corkscrew (wine is the best painkiller!)

Spork: Snowpeak Titanium

Towel: Sea to Summit Drylite Towel


-Three 1L Smartwater Bottles

2L Platypus Reservoir

Filters: Sawyer mini x 2


Coms & GPS: Iphone / Guthook 

GPS Beacon: Spot

Charger: Skullcandy 10 mAh Stash Power Bank

Camera: Sony RX100 III w/ Merkury 7″ tripod / multiple SD

Light: Petzl ACTIK Core Headlamp


-First Aid Custom Pack




-Reusable toothpicks