“This touching book was a beautiful blending of natural history, memoir, practical tips, and the harrowing journey through the inner wilderness coupled with the trials of life on and off the trail. I found myself re-reading many passages over and the writer has a real gift for describing his experiences along with conveying the subtleties of the natural world. Whether you are an experienced hiker or simply wanting to glimpse the PCT through the eyes of someone who dove deeply into its many facets, this is an inviting read to be treasured.”

-Anthony Nester: Author, survival guide, advisor for “Into the Wild”.

Time in the Year of the Bluebird was written before, during, and after my walk on the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2018. While the PCT is largely featured, this book isn’t about truly about thru-hiking. The trail was a long silent thread that allowed for perspectives to slowly emerge over six months and afterward. I hope it inspires, that its little riddles don’t hide too well, and that it provides others the same silent wonder to ‘solve’ through the simple act of walking.