Arizona Trail 2021

The AZT winds through high desert and mountains for 800 miles from Mexico to the southern border of Utah and when we moved back to Flagstaff in 2019 we realized we were right next to the trail (Section 33) For me, it feels like it’s going to be a walk through some of my own history, crossing through many of the state parks I lived on as a child and seeing Reevis Mountain School after all these years if we’re lucky. It’s going to be about the same distance as the border to Bishop on the PCT and while we won’t have some of the same elevations and consistent passes, there’s plenty of adventure and beauty to be had. It takes most people around 1.5 – 2 months and that’s what we’re shooting for as well. We’re not ultra-anything and I like taking plenty of photos and journaling as I go so this is a thru-saunter for the soul, a re-communion after a year away from strenuous trails, and hopefully a gateway to some new perspectives after 2020.